Injured crow chick finds 'colleague' in its rescuer in Türkiye

15:33 - 14/08/2023 Monday
Yeni Şafak

A crow chick that fell from a rooftop and was nursed back to health by a compassionate pharmacist in Kocaeli has now become an unexpected workplace companion. Samet Kestane, a 33-year-old pharmacist residing in Çayırova, noticed an injured crow chick at his doorstep 2 months ago. Having provided medical care for the crow chick, Kestane realized that it wouldn't leave his side when he attempted to release it back into its natural habitat. Kestane affectionately named it "Haşmet" and decided to care for it at his pharmacy. Customers witnessing the crow chick constantly by Kestane's side can't hide their astonishment.

7 months ago