How will Israel conduct operations in a country like Türkiye?

During the 1980s, some translated works into Turkish explicitly described Israel's assassinations of scientists from states with perceived power accumulation possibilities, especially Iraq. These actions aimed to engage in a war of attrition and create a sense of demoralization on the other side, employing the Mossad legend. Countries subjected to interventions had very limited independent capabilities. Even political figures who slightly opposed this were promptly penalized by the United States. Over time, the concept of "external powers" used to express interventions was devalued and manipulated by right-wing conservatives to create an irrelevant opposition, suggesting that the problem lies within. These approaches obscured the interventions of intelligence services like Mossad and hindered understanding. Moreover, those who adopted such approaches did not neglect to advocate for building "rational" relationships with Israel. This further diminished the concept of "external powers."

There is an existing literature on the activities of Israeli intelligence or other foreign services in Türkiye. There is a clear need for further illumination of past events. Focusing on the 1990s, when FETÖ began to rise, is crucial. FETÖ gained prominence when the U.S. and the U.K. invaded Iraq. As this organization spread across Turkish and Islamic regions, the influence of the U.S. and the U.K. expanded. FETÖ operated in the spheres of influence of the U.S. and the U.K. The years following the intervention of intelligence services are also significant. Individuals associated with FETÖ who infiltrated state institutions in the not-too-distant past were openly sharing files related to Palestinians in our country with Mossad. We should consider that individuals known for such activities might still be problematic. Those who stirred up public opinion with the claim that "there are no external powers" were well aware of such relationships. However, the long-established dependency relationships did not allow for a different positioning. The fate of engineers involved in new technology initiatives during the years when FETÖ deployed all its power to take over Türkiye from within remains unclear.

Türkiye should take seriously the threat of assassination against Hamas members living in different countries by Israel. Israel has already indicated Türkiye openly. Those who reduce the threats thrown by the Israeli Foreign Minister at President Erdoğan by tagging them as a personal matter may be acting according to a different agenda. In this context, it is not correct to focus solely on Mossad. Evaluating individuals who might be involved in potential activities within the context of dependency relationships and structures may provide clearer insights. As dependent structures dissolve, their logistical networks will become dysfunctional. The withdrawal of the U.S. from Afghanistan is somewhat a result of the non-functioning of these logistical networks. This situation is also valid for Israel. They orchestrated assassinations and plunged target countries into chaos for years, but those times are now behind them. They must realize this. This will undoubtedly necessitate a focus on FETÖ.

The world has entered a different era. Western countries like the U.S. and the U.K. are complicit in the brutality displayed in Palestine, and they do not hide this partnership. From now on, we will either have to submit or set aside the implied meaning of the concept "external powers." As we tried to express, the term "external powers" was used to indicate the undisclosed activities of foreign countries. Today, Israel is threatening openly. Therefore, this time the concept of "external powers" will lose its meaning. This situation will also challenge the position of dependent structures internally. We should consider that individuals turned into legionaries of a stateless empire might expand Israel's operational space or take on more advanced roles. Undoubtedly, this will compel different circles to ask new questions about the situation they find themselves in. There can be no excuse for this period. We need to reconsider everything after October 7.

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How will Israel conduct operations in a country like Türkiye?
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